This is a part of our business we are very excited about. Especially products like concrete sound fencing. These products are very popular in other area of North America but have a very small market here. We plan to change that.
Hardscaping, fencing and re-surfacing
There are so many variety's to choose from. They instantly take your house or project to the next. They are your first impression.
Paving stones
The core part of our business. There are not too many types we havn't done. From Lock-Block to modular styles and from live planted system to grid reinforced rock stacks. This one is a Deltalok wall used for a stream relocation.
Retaining walls

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Kan Retain-It Contracting Ltd.

Sierraslope wall systems produced by Tensar have become the "norm" for large wall projects. Once they are planted and they grow in you forget they are there. That's the idea.
ICPI is the organization that trains installers how to do it right. Check it out on-line. click here
Allan Block proces this premium fence system. It looks great and is very durable. click here
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